Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Something disturbing I see at conventions, and it was so this weekend, People rarely wash their hands before exiting the restroom. Since I'm known by some friends as Captain peanut bladder, I feel like I'm getting a pretty good sample size (rim shot). So, it's pretty fair to say conventions are wall to wall pee pee hands. Since I also see a fair number of people walking straight from the stall to the convention floor, poo poo hands is also well represented.
You gotta start washing your hands people. It's time to stop behaving like fucking animals or stop wondering why you are and always have been social outcasts. It's not that "they" don't get you. They get you. You're filthy oily waste-handed animals.


  1. LOL. Well said sir. Asking folk to remember to take a shower on the morning of the con wouldn't hurt either!!

    Also, two words: breath mints.

  2. Yes, nobody wants to walk around and try to enjoy themselves having to be in close quarters next to people that smell bad.