Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yer Unca Jolty's issue of Haunt has been collected.  It hits shelve this (next?) week.  Order it from the AMAZON dohicky to the right of this post and I'll make a few pennies. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


And you can bet your bippy Him What Jolts! is gonna use it.  In fact, yer Uncle Jolty has been using the buhjeeziz out of it.

After long years of disuse, the Land o Lucas shall have a rich bounty of pencil piffle with which to balm it's achin' eyes. Come late July yer local four color emporium will be graced by 8 pages of damn dirty apeness, as done by yours truly, when Planet of the Apes Annual alights upon the shelves.  It's the first published Joltin' Johnny doodles since the earth-shattering single ish of HAUNT #22, and, so far, the reviews have all been coming up roses.  Natch!

But hold yer horses, Junior Jolters!  There's more news that's even bigger than the size 8 noggin' that stews up these delightful missives.  Along with writer extraordinaire Matt Sturges, Yer Uncle Jolty is cookin' up a graphic novel that's sure to easy-bake yer brain-pan.  It's a little number what goes by the handle, FOUR NORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE.  Rather than blather and bore,  Joltin' johnny will just show.  Feast!...

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Dry yer eyes Junior Jolters, your long unfulfilled wish of having worthless shit made instantly invaluable has been granted.  Thanks to the fine folks at, you can now have glorious Joltin Johnny doodles emblazoned on all manner of, until now, completely disposable rubbish. 

First it was just t-shirts. Now its posters, postcards and, oh my stars and garters, iPhone cases.  Jumpin Jesus Palomino!  Could that warm feeling that just came over you be anything other that the panty piddle of excitement?! 

Hose yourself off and get over to my gallery!  Looking is free, but you wouldn't want to be a cheapskate...

Saturday, March 3, 2012


...and prepare for ACTION!  In less than two weeks yer local funny book emporium will be visited upon by a hot steaming bowl of JOLTIN' JOHNNY awesome!  HAUNT 22 is the first soup to nuts comic art doodled by yer ol' Uncle Jolty since the masterful American Splendor 2 pager nearly 5 years gone. 

Rejoice in the knowledge that the editorial world has awakened from it's stupor and ended the long Joltin' Johnny drought.  Get the to a comic shop and be quenched. 

Until that time, Junior Jolters you may pacify you thirst for ink-stained stylings with the following pixelated sneak-peek teet...

Monday, February 27, 2012


That's right Junior Jolters!  Cadence Comic Art, the one and only art dealer of your's Jolty, has put his brain pan to good use, and chosen to feature a funny book page that once passed across the Drafting Table What Jolts!  See it here  and gaze in wild wonderment!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Drop your cocks and grab yer wallets, Junior Jolters!  It's time for Action, Captain Action!

It has come to the attention of yer Uncle Jolty that, as of yesterday, doodles a la Jolt! are on the funny book shelves.  The S.B.D. (silent but doodled) tome is the Complete Captain Action TPB, published by the very covert and sneaky Moonstone.  The intel is pretty thin on the ground, but the best guess is it contains the first appearance of Lady Action by my own Joltin' self.  If there is a cover gallery, yer blushin' Uncle J stands a good chance of being represented there, too. 

That is all. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Your ol' Uncle Jolty will slingin' ink and pressin' flesh at Planet Comicon in K.C. in March. 

Follow the link Junior Jolters!


That's right, Junior Jolters!  Your ol' Uncle Jolty is back on the pencil horse, and you can thank Joe Casey and the fine folks at Todd McFarlane.  

Set your slobber for March, cause HAUNT #22 will be brought to you in JOLTY-VISION!  That's right my lovelies, for the first time in over four years, the Legions of Jolt! will have twenty whole pages of the ink stained stylings of this one comic book bon vivant.  Mr. Casey did nothing to dispel the rumors that he is Grand Wizard of the funny-book fantastic, by conjuring up the perfect script for this ink-stained wretch's particular gifts.

But that ain't all.  Within seconds of the completion of the above mentioned four color epic, your dear ol' HIM WHAT JOLTS! set his graphite wand of power to the task of doodling of a new tale of wonder. 

Keep your peepers peeled for more info.  The year of JOLT! is upon you!