Monday, August 22, 2011

Spider Island Master of Kung Fu #1...

Comes out 8/31 and your's truly is the ink-slinger on the book. So, in an attempt to get as many suckers, er, people to buy it as possible, I'm having a drawing. If you tweet me a picture of you holding your copy of the book, you will have a chance to win, free of charge and shipping, a page of artwork from that issue.

Tweet me here @himwhatjolts

I know there are some of you that aren't on twitter and would rather chop off your dick and throw it in the river than join, but i hadda pick one form of social media, and twit's it. So, join for this, then never do it again, or follow just me and see work in progress photos I don't post anywhere else. It's still something of a free country. Until Bachman is President, it's your choice.

I'll make my completely random choice the sunday after that wed. Goddamn, am I generous, or what?!