Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Set the controls for NOIR Junior Jolters.  JOLTIN JOHNNY is back in the land of the Bat.  Beginning with issue 14 of BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM, inks on the TWO FACE back-ups will be slung by HIM WHAT JOLTS!

For the first time in my career as an ink-slinger, I've been asked to add a dash of my own personality to the pencillers work.  Up until now, my approach has been to try and crawl inside the pencillers brain-pan- to think like they do- to ink like they do.   Being a man of unequaled modesty, your Uncle Jolty felt this was the most natural approach to take.

Now don't go thinking the penciller on the book is some kind of artistic cripple, who needs fixing by the hands of this ever so humble ink-slingin' genius.  No sirree mam!  The penciller of said TWO FACE back-up is Mr. Ramon Bachs.  He's drawn books by just about every publisher on this green Earth.  He and my Joltin' Self have even worked together on a couple of big-time Marvel Blockbusters.  So, get it straight.  Senor Bachs ( he's one a them Spaniard types ) is a top flight doodler of doodles. 

There was no redrawing involved- just the spotting of the odd black and the adding of textures.  Your Uncle Jolty went a little dry-brush nutty.  Here's what they look like.  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


 Listen to your old Uncle Jolty kids.  Don't believe everything they tell you about the Oklahoma.  The people of the flat square state couldn't have been nicer.  And the sci fi shindig they put on couldn't have been better.

That's right!  Joltin' Johnny is shouting from the highest mountain top, SOONERCON is better than o.k., it's damn delightful.  Everyone involved, from grand poobah Jerry Wall to the nice ladies running the con suite were so damn kind and accommodating, I had to stop myself from checking my wallet.

But, NO!  Their good manners and friendly smiles weren't the misdirection in some sci fi mack avenue shell game.  They were just brung up right!  Just imagine it, Junior Jolters, in this day and age, people who love what they do so much, they're happy to invite you into their world.  Crap on on toast!  Is that a tear in yer Uncle Jolty's eye?

And I haven't even mentioned the con-goers.  Friendly.  Friendly.  Friendly.

You can keep your San Diegos, with the sensory overload and cattle stall isles.  There's too much crap in too small of a space.  The con-goers brain is turned to mush in a matter of seconds.  By con's end the pain in your feet and the numbness between your ears are stronger than any memory you'll have of the show itself.

Joltin' Johnny loves the smaller shows and the chance to rub elbows with creators and fans alike.    There's no baby-stepping through overstuffed isles, but long strides and an opportunity to browse. Nerd Heaven.  Nerdvana.

And sketches I did sketch...