Thursday, June 28, 2012


And you can bet your bippy Him What Jolts! is gonna use it.  In fact, yer Uncle Jolty has been using the buhjeeziz out of it.

After long years of disuse, the Land o Lucas shall have a rich bounty of pencil piffle with which to balm it's achin' eyes. Come late July yer local four color emporium will be graced by 8 pages of damn dirty apeness, as done by yours truly, when Planet of the Apes Annual alights upon the shelves.  It's the first published Joltin' Johnny doodles since the earth-shattering single ish of HAUNT #22, and, so far, the reviews have all been coming up roses.  Natch!

But hold yer horses, Junior Jolters!  There's more news that's even bigger than the size 8 noggin' that stews up these delightful missives.  Along with writer extraordinaire Matt Sturges, Yer Uncle Jolty is cookin' up a graphic novel that's sure to easy-bake yer brain-pan.  It's a little number what goes by the handle, FOUR NORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE.  Rather than blather and bore,  Joltin' johnny will just show.  Feast!...