Tuesday, May 24, 2011


That's right, my little darlings.  Yer Uncle Jolty has taken another bold step into the present.  Watch the Twitter world tremble. 

It comes as a shock, I know, but when Baby Jesus gave us the Raptural Reprieve, yer strappin' Uncle J took it as a sure sign from the rolly polly bundle of salvation that the Joltin Johnny global presence just wasn't global enough.  In his infinite wisdom, the Lamb o' the Lord saw the near impossibility of entering the Kingdom of Heaven with a low JJQ (Joltin Johnny Quotient) and put the breaks on the hosts of Hell until I, his humble Joltin' servant, spreads the good word. 

The learn the sacred handshake and super secret knock follow @himwhatjolts.  The Pearly Gates await. 

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