Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It might be impossible to believe, but it's true.  Yer Uncle Jolty is sick to death of talking about his own bad self.  The mind reels. 

So, instead of once again confirming your theories concerning his greatness, HimWhat Jolts is gonna tell you about the greatness of Jason " The Atomic Bomb of Awesome" Latour. 

What can your Uncle J say about Mr Ja-La?  Well, not only does the man have to presence of mind to look like a young beatnik Lee Marvin, he's, also, what is known around the funny-book watercooler as a bad mamma jamma with a no.2. 

Jazzy J's art is minimalism and power and sometimes spooky as hell.  Birthed from the sticky sweetness of Toth and suckled on the twin teets of Kyle Baker and Jorge Zaffino, it's cartooning at it's finest. 

Joltin' Johnny compels you.  Git thee to a funny-book shop post-haste and throw down your hard-earned on any of his saddle-stitched wonders.  If you aren't converted, instantly, to the way of the Jay-Bomb, your Uncle Jolty might have to choke you out. 

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