Friday, September 24, 2010


It pains me to shatter your illusions, but you're old pal JOLTIN' JOHNNY doesn't always eat thunder and crap lightning.  From time to time I crap plain ol crap. 

Over the years your Uncle Jolty has been asked to produce gratis doodles for the purpose of trying out for a project.  And for reasons that are beyond the kin of big brained muckity mucks the world over, the jobs have gone to other doodlers.

The following doodles are they, and appear in no particular order.

HERCULES- A ltd series written by Frank Tierri, or however the hell you spell it.  He's a fine fella.   We've tipped many drinks.  Your Uncle Jolty has nearly piddled his pampers listening to him spin a yarn.  His Brooklyn accent wouldn't fit any better on a cartoon.

Tex did the artin' honors on the book.   He can draw like nobody's business and he's awfully big.  So, I bear him no ill will. 

DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON-  I couldn't tell you who wrote or drew this thing.  Did you read it?  I'm going to redraw this some day and slap it on a t-shirt.  If you don't buy one, I'll konk you in the beezer.

EVIL DEAD-  Can you believe the licensing people that Mssr. Campbell's chin was too big?

SHREK-  Who Knows what they were thinking?  Shortly after losing out on this gig, your Uncle Jolty was buried by inking work.  It all worked out.  There are happy endings outside of back-alley massage parlors.


DAISY'S REWARD-  A pitch illo for a Chinese funded animation anthology.   That sounds like disaster and it probably would have been,  but it never happened.  This is you Aunt Jolty's favorite JOLTIN' JOHNNY drawing.


  1. Dude, I would have loved for you to have drawn the Hercules mini. Your Herc is awesome, brother.

  2. I'm with Aunt Jolty in thinking that that last image is darn tootin'. While all of these concepts would have featured elements that play to your strengths, I actually think that the Shrek gig would have been a blast, in as much as you'd get to draw a funnybook with lots of silly anthropomorphic animals. An Evil Dead book by Joltin' Johnny would have been pretty spectacular as well. Shop smart, shop S-MART.


  3. I gotta say, that Herc pic is awesome and all, but you kilt that Shrek!