Sunday, July 18, 2010


Your old Uncle Jolty isn't going to go on about the trail-blazing genius of Mr American Splendor and how his brilliance will be missed.  My lovely legion on Junior Jolters are no lunk-heads.  You are no doubt hip to the  late great man's work.  

Instead, I will use this space to crow about my great luck in having been able to draw one of his stories. 

I did not draw one of his indy comics.  It was for the Vertigo ltd series.  So, any hipster cool I might have gained from it comes with a bit of tarnish.  I've likened it to appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone.  Not so cool as it once would have been, but still pretty cool.  My buddy Jason Latour said he'd rather have drawn my measly two-page story than draw Superman.  So, take from that what you will. 


I never spoke to the man, but I heard through my editor that Mrs. Pekar hated How fat and unattractive I drew her.  That fact makes me happy.  

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  1. Your version of Harvey was brimming with personality and expressiveness. Your little anecdote about the art critique by Mrs. Pekar made me smirk with appreciation. You've got some serious street cred for having contributed to the ongoing saga of the man, the myth, the legend, Harvey Pekar. Great stuff, John!